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How long does an invention patent last in Thailand?2023-05-09T14:52:05+07:00

In the term of a patent invention, the protection period is 20 years since the date of filing the patent application in Thailand.

How can we protect the rights to invention?2023-05-09T14:51:00+07:00

 According to the IP Thai laws, the owner inventions or inventors need to file the patent application with an office or address in Thailand at the DIP or via DIP E-filing platform.

What is registrable trademark in Thailand2023-05-09T14:50:23+07:00

there are 3 main criteria for considering trademark as registrable trademark in Thailand

  1. Having a distinctiveness : it means that your mark is identified and distinguished from
    other trademarks. In other words, the mask should not contain the generics and a descriptive character.
  2. Do not identical or similar with other registered trademarks or a mark that prior filed TM application.
  3. Do not be prohibited by the law : for example, the mask contains religious figures, flags etc. 

Therefore, if your mark satisfies those criteria, it will be optimistic to your trademark application.

What are the required documents for filing a trademark application in Thailand?2023-05-09T14:49:41+07:00

The required documents for filing trademark application in Thailand.

– Full name, address, country and activity/occupation of the applicant

– Electronic sample of the mark (5×5 cm recommended size)

– List of goods and services to be protected

– Notarized Power of Attorney (for foreign applicants)

– Translation of priority documents (if priority is claimed)

Do we need to register a trademark to get protection in Thailand?2023-05-09T14:47:24+07:00

As Thailand is a “first-to-file” justification, it is mandatory to file the trademark application to DIP in order to obtain the protection and rights over the concerned trademark.

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